One day Adventure in Nadi 

Must do 7 Things in Nadi…

 Zip Line, Jungle Walk, Waterfall,

Garden of Sleeping Giant, Mud Pool,

Fijian Village and Nadi Temple Visit

You can take your own time to explore

and no waiting  time.  

Sleeping Giant Zip Line Fiji is a 35 acre eco-friendly Adventure Park. The Zips span over 1.3 kilometers with 10 zips ranging from 80 meters to 160 metres, with zipping speeds of up to 60 km/hour! All Harnesses have a lifetime rating of 10 years and the Roller Trolleys have a weight rating of 5500 pounds each.

Sleeping Giant Zip Line Fiji offers an incredible outdoor adventure tour with 10 zips and Orchid Falls Jungle Safari ranging from ‘mild’ family oriented outings to a ‘wild’ adventurous experience and everything in between!


Orchid Falls & Jungle Safari !- Stroll through the wild tropical jungle and enjoy four beautiful waterfalls in an exclusive area. With 4 beautiful waterfalls, feed by the warm jungle rain water it’s simply paradise! A really great place to explore, swim, day dream or just relax. Orchid Falls is said to have magical powers which can revive your health and spark your romance. So be sure to go for a swim and feel the magic! You will be surrounded by ancient rain trees covered with jungle vines, lacy ferns, wild coffee plants. There are many tropical fruit trees, myriads of beautiful butterflies and colorful Orchids & wild parrots in the treetops as you hike from one area to the next in this tropical wonderland.


Facilities – A Bar, Sandwich Station and Change Rooms are located onsite for your convenience. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the entry price. A Deli style lunch will be served that includes freshly made sandwiches (vegetarian available upon request) salads, and a fruit drink.Alcoholic beverages can be purchased at the Sky Bar.

During your adventure, relax in our open air Riverside restaurant surrounded by streams & lush foliage. Feed Japanese koi & other exotic fish and enjoy an intimate deli lunch.Enjoy this unique experience and create memories that will last a lifetime on this awesome adventure!

We also cater to weddings & events. For weddings or renewal of vows, a waterfall is a wishful romantic scene. A waterfall background will make an unforgettable moment of your life whether it’s your “Big day” or an impressive “Event”. Every bride & every occasion is different, so you tell us what you want and we will tailor make your package and help deliver the most memorable moments of your life to you!

MUD POOL: A mud bath is a bath of mud, commonly from areas where hot spring water can combine with volcanic ash. Mud baths have existed for thousands of years, and can be found now in high –end spas in many countries of the world including Fiji.Historically, the mud bath treatment has been used for centuries in Eastern and Western European spas as a way to relieve arthritis.  The mud bath spa ritual goes like this: don your swim wear and enter the thick, muddy pool first and relax. Hop out and cake yourself in mud and allow it to dry in the sun before hopping back into the muddy bath and then over to the clear spring to clean up. The pool temperatures vary from quite hot (60 degrees Celsius) to warm.  The social experience of getting dirty with locals and other travelers is quite leveling and given the rise of Fiji as a destination for nuptials,the mud baths are also a popular and unique in its own right.

Garden of Sleeping Giant: Located about half an hour from Nadi, The Garden of Sleeping Giant is a beautiful orchid range started in 1977 by the late Raymond Burr, star of Perry Mason and Ironside.Originally designed to house Burr’s private collection of tropical orchids, the gardens have developed into a popular attraction after years of flourishing. Raymond Burr loved these orchids just as much as he loved Fiji.  The gardens showcase more than two thousand different kinds of orchids, covering 20 hectares.

Viseisei Village: Viseisei Village, the legendary landing site of the first Fijians, where you will be shown through the village and handicraft displays. The Vuda Lookout affords a 360 degree bird’s eye view of the West’s mountain ranges, Nadi Bay, Nadi International Airport and the beautiful Yasawa group of Islands.

Need to Bring Along

Change of clothes for return trip, Shoes or sandals that can get wet and are comfortable for picnic wear, Swim suit suites, Sun screen,sun hat,sun glasses and insect repellent, Towel, Water bottles, Camera, Any medications if needed, And we also recommend you to take a small amount of CASH for optional purchase

F$299.00 per adult  & Children (4-12yrs) @ F$189.00

All rates are in FJD and include taxes. 

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